A Crow’s Journey to Heaven

by Guruguhan Iyer

He was old.

Too old to fend for himself.

He slept in the nest that a stranger built for him months back.

He gave her the only worm

That he had managed to catch by outstretching his neck.

He couldn’t have enough food since then.

His wings were heavy and eyes too droopy.

He ate whatever was thrown into his nest.

He could seldom see anything with his eyes open.

But he could see a lot more with them shut.

He spent his days, which he hoped were his last, praying.

As days neared, he started searching for God;

In the worms that he ate,

In the nest that he slept,

And in the tree that was his planet.

But God came flying from the sky,

In the form of a famished Eagle.

He bowed his head and folded his wings.