None of the candidates will make a difference. So why the hell should you vote?

by Guruguhan Iyer

Agreed. We have no good choice to make. The candidate from Party A might be as useless as the candidates from Party B and C. None of them will give a shit about you or your country. All of them will become Mr. India irrespective whether you choose them or not. Today, they might be a proud owner of Alto, your vote might buy them Tavera tomorrow.

And you? You’ll continue to travel in crowded buses and stinking trains. Farmers will continue to die. Petrol prices might go up to Rs. 160. Your life might be as miserable or worse than today. So why not just sit at home and enjoy the holiday? Why the hell should you go out to vote?

To make a difference. That’s right, to make a positive change to the place you live. Voting for useless candidates might not, but clicking on NOTA will make all the difference. 20% of Mumbaikars have gone out to vote. The rest have given up on our country. If you’re one of those 80%, wear your sandals, go to your polling booth and vote for NOTA. Let’s send out a strong message to these selfish political parties. If they won’t choose a right candidate to represent us, neither we will.