by Guruguhan Iyer

I live here.
I still do.

I don’t know where she lives
But she lives here, too,
Along with the glances that we used to steal of each other.

The stern looks from teachers live here.
Even those tiny little fishes preceded by a big font ‘F’ and a small font ‘for’ live here.
Even those big-ugly-bullies’ big-ugly-punches, live here.

Those scary, warning bells live here.
Those lullabies live here.
Those word-forming letters, like C A T – cat, R A T – rat, live here.
History lives here.
Science lives here.
Those long-awaited, short lunch periods live here.
Those twinkling twinkling little stars live here.

Those can’t-wait-to-go-home-and-watch-cartoon moments live here.
Those train formations live here.
Those goodbyes live here.
Those searching-for-my-mamma moments live here.

Everything lives here.
Everyone lives here.