Time traveling

by Guruguhan Iyer

I am jobless at work.
I am at my desk,
Staring at the computer screen,
And out of the window at the Asoka Tree, simultaneously,
Not knowing what else to do.

Talking about the tree.
It makes me feel nostalgic.
Its identical-looking brother used to stand,
Amid the blazing sun,
Right in front of my classroom.
I was six, then.
As my teacher used to keep on saying the same,
“A for Apple, B for Ball and so on…” every single day
I used to blankly stare at that tree,
And look into the world
I always wanted to be in –
The world where I was a Batman, Superman, He-man, and whatnot?
I used to fly all around the world.
I used to beat all the villains to pulp.
And steal chocolates and cakes from them.
But it used to take not more than a single question
For the teacher to transform me into a clown.
Once, he asked,
“Tell me what ‘P’ is for?”
“Pee is for ‘1 number’ toilet, teacher.” I replied, innocently.
The whole class burst into a fit of laughter.
“You shameless flow, put yuvr hands up, and stand up on the pench!”
He barked, his eyes bulged with anger.
I obeyed, readily.
And went back to staring at the Asoka Tree…

I imagined myself standing atop a mountain
With a sword on one hand, and a shield on the other.
I was fighting, bravely .
Defending the fort that I ordered to build.
I was slicing the throats of enemy soldiers,
One after the other.
And finally, I reached my archenemy, the notorious King.
“Abhijeet!” I screamed. “Your end has come! Hahahaha!”
I laughed, trying to imitate Amrish Puri.
“I want to see your mother!”
Came the devilish, ear-familiar voice in reply.
It was my teacher, his eyes were bulging with anger.
I was terrified.
I looked out of the window.
And asked the Asoka Tree for help…

It transformed into spirals
And it was taking me towards a strange place which had nothing.
There was absolutely nothing other than the spirals.
After a few seconds, I could see a hazy human figure.
After every passing millisecond,
The hazy figure was becoming clearer.
I know her.
It’s my boss.
She’s calling me for a meeting
I got to go.