Nightmarish Night Part II – A Tribute to J. K. Rowling

by Guruguhan Iyer

“The train arriving on platform number five is a twelve coach, fast local for Churchgate, leaving at eleven hours and fifty-nine minutes. This train will not halt at any stations between Andheri to Bandra, Bandra to Dadar and Dadar to Mumbai Central.” “Overhead wirings are charged at twenty-five thousand volts. Traveling on rooftops is dangerous to life. Passengers are requested, not to travel on rooftops.” When I boarded the deserted first-class compartment, it seemed like weeks since I started the journey from my office to Andheri station. The empty compartment gave me the privilege to choose any seat according to my choice. When I chose a window seat and opened my bag to find my travel companion I found the book Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix it was looking like an introvert inside my bag. That’s when I realized that, it has been weeks since I read it. Therefore, I continued reading it from where I left it last time.

Dolorus Jane Umbridge was torturing Harry Potter for a crime which he never committed. She made him write, “I must not tell lies” with his own blood. “Stop it Dolorus.” I yelled furiously “You can’t torture a fourteen year old child like this. Don’t you think you are crossing all the limits of cruelty?” She gave me a sadistic smile and raised her wand “Get Lostio!” she exclaimed in a cheerful voice.

I was lost. I didn’t know where I was standing. There were strangely designed architectural structures all over the place. I found a shop called “Olivander’s” which was selling wands for witches and wizards, then did I realize that I was standing at Diagon Alley, a wizarding alley and shopping area created by J.K Rowling. I kept walking completely confused and not knowing how to get out of this unknown world. I saw a group of men chitchatting, I over-heard one of them say, “It’s hard to believe that You-Know-Who is back. Ministry people are saying that Potter is spreading a rumour just to keep himself in limelight.” Anger arose inside me and I felt like strangling that person “Voldemort is back and you guys should believe, what Harry is saying.” I spoke in a cold voice, which wasn’t mine. All of them shivered after seeing me. One of them started shouting “You-know-who is back! Run everybody, he is here in Diagon Alley. Leave your belongings and run for your lives.”

Every one started disapparating, I discovered that my right-hand was holding a wand, which came from nowhere. Series of green jet lights came out from the wand each time I yelled “Avada Kedavra” again in the same cold voice, which didn’t belong to me. Within no time, the entire street was deserted. I couldn’t stop myself from killing innocent witches and wizards.

“Now, no one can kill or defeat me” came an identical voice, which made me take hundreds of innocent lives a moment ago.


“Didn’t you recognize me?” he spoke sarcastically.


“You dare to speak my name? You are unusually brave. And I, Lord Voldemort has always appreciated bravery.”

“What? Do you really exist? I thought this entire world’s a fiction.”

“Now Guru, do you know why I made you come here?” he spoke as if he didn’t hear my stupid comment.

“You u u may-may-made me come here?”

“Indeed yes.”


“Because you are my seventh horcrux.”

I was shocked, and I didn’t know how I became his horcrux. “Wh-What? Me? Ba-ba-but how? You da-died in the seventh book. All your horcruxes were destroyed. Ha-How did you..??”

He gave a cold sadistic smile and said, “You are right. I died in the seventh book. However, I am the greatest wizard ever to have taken birth. My soul is capable of traveling anywhere at any time to any place in this universe. And I’ve traveled all the way back here. Lucius Malfoy was only pleased to help me find a body, where my soul is taking shelter. Now I am back with all my powers, stronger like never before. Again I needed seven horcruxes to avoid death. I already made six and when you entered the magical train that I created and sent for you in your dream, you automatically became my seventh horcrux.”

“You sent that train? Why did you choose me out of seven hundred billion creatures?”

“Because you’ve always been dreaming about visiting this wizarding world.”

“Millions of Potter fans have been dreaming about it. Why did you choose me?”

“Yes, there are millions. Rowling has really put this charm on many people with the help of those seven spells that she created herself. But you were the first person who came to my mind. I don’t know why I chose you, perhaps you were lucky.”

“Lucky did you say? You friggin idiot! How dare you?”

“Stupefy!” he yelled, and the force of his spell threw me about fifty feet away from where I was standing.

“Never dare and insult me. I won’t kill you, but I’ll keep on torturing you.”

“Am I the only person who is aware that you are back?” I tried to change the topic, so that he’d stop torturing me.

“Definitely not. Harry knows about it. The scar must have pricked him again. However, the ministry won’t believe him. Because I have put an imperius curse on the minister. He won’t believe a word of what Harry is saying. The scenario is exactly like the one in the fifth book.”

“But tell me why did those people run after seeing me?”

He pointed his wand towards me and yelled “INSTANTO MIRRORO!”

A huge fifty ft tall mirror stood in front of me. I was shocked and devastated to see his face instead of mine in the mirror and it took a couple of minutes for me to understand what I was seeing. “Why are you doing this to me?” I nearly cried.

“Because through my legilimens I can see that you have a soft corner towards good people. There is a possibility that you’ll go and tell the Aurors that you are a horcrux.”

“Stop right there Voldemort.” I was shocked to see about fifty wands pointing at me instead of him.

Voldemort grinned and said, “The Aurors will kill you thinking that you are me. They can’t see me. I am under disillusionment charm.”

I laughed sarcastically and said, “But one of your horcruxes will be down.”
He snapped back, “Not really. I am a better wizard than I was before. The moment the killing curse strikes you. The soul that is taking shelter in your body will join me, and you’ll be dead.”

“Who are you talking to?” questioned an Auror.


“Voldemort? Then who the hell are you?”

“I am an innocent muggle from India.”

“He is right, John. I can see it through Mad eye’s magical eye.” said Proudfoot.

“Avada Kedavra!” Voldemort yelled a numerous times, jets of green light killed all the Aurors one by one. After making a confirmation that all of them turned into corpses, he turned to me and said, “I made a wrong choice, Guru. I shouldn’t have made you a horcrux. As you can see you are unfit for it. So you must die.”

“I’d like to thank you Voldemort.” This time I wasn’t trying to change the topic to avoid my death.

“Ah! You’re welcome. I forgot that I fulfilled your last wish. You’ve always been dreaming about visiting this world.”

“I didn’t thank you for allowing me to make this dreadful visit. I thanked you for giving me a copy of your wand. And with the help of your soul, I’ll be able to fight like a wizard.”

He laughed like a sadist “You’re going to fight me? You’re going to fight Lord Voldemort? You think you can win. Do you?”

“It’s not about winning or losing. Tom.”

“How dare you? Avada Kedavra!”

“Expelliarmus!” Jet of scarlet light clashed with the green one. He laughed like a maniac as if the duel was a piece of cake for him, and it was. The green jet light was moving at a slow pace towards me, “You shall live until the green light touches your wand. Make your last wish. I will fulfill them.” He said and laughed like a maniac.

“Accio firebolt!” I yelled, a large six ft long broomstick came flying towards me. I caught it and started flying with it. Scarlet light was ultimately defeated by the green one and the killing curse missed striking me by a centimeter distance. I was flying at a high speed and towards the sky. Voldemort kept on sending killing curses towards me, but the speed of firebolt helped me dodge them. And somehow, with luck on my side, I escaped death. I was flying at about fifty thousand feet above sea level. I almost got knocked off from the broom when a hammer-like foot kicked my butt. “What the hell are you doing with that broomstick? It’s nearly four in the morning. Aren’t you going to work tomorrow? You idiot. It’s been an hour since you started speaking in some funny language. Go and sleep BLOODY AVLA KA KELA!” I opened my eyes and saw my dad’s face in anger mode for the first time after years.