Blog by chance.

by Guruguhan Iyer

Nearly two weeks have passed and I have not posted a story. Well, let me make a confession that I could not find a relevant topic to write. By now, you must have figured out from my previous posts that I am a ‘sleepaholic’. Everyone close to me, always scold me “kitna sota hain yaar.”

So what made me write this thing?

Yesterday, nothing was new around me but my mind was very confused. I was not able to understand or realize what that confusion was all about. So let me begin from the beginning just like Rex Alan Jr. did in Me, Myself and Irene.

Yesterday, just like any other day I woke up at noon. My parents were angry with me. I brushed my teeth and my mom gave me two options of either having a cup of coffee or lunch. I chose to have a cup of coffee, just like any other day. I switched on my computer and checked all my mails. Nothing was special about them. I signed out, started playing Cricket ’07 and gulped the whole glass of coffee in no time.

Couple of hours passed by – the empty glass remained in the same place and Cricket ‘07 glued my eyes. My mom scolded me and ordered me to get the hell out of that chair and have my lunch. I obeyed her like a loyal child because I was feeling hungry. I ate like an elephant and I was back in to my computer. Hours flew past me, I felt bored with my daily routine, and I wanted this day to be completely different. I decided to go out so I called my three closest friends Dharmesh, Rohit and Maneet.

We met at our usual meeting point in five gardens (FGs as we usually say). We were chit chatting like any other day but the surroundings out there could not change our mind, my mind to be precise. “Let us go else where guys” Dharmesh said. Maneet immediately interrupted him and said, “let us go for a drive.”  We got into his car.  He did not say where he was taking us. He drove his car as if he was a top contender of F1 championship title. Finally, we reached Worli Sea Face. The moment we got out of our car, moon mesmerized us with its looks, it was shining brightly in that dark sky, floating between not-so-tall twin towers. We found an empty place and immediately occupied it. Maneet, Rohit and Dharmesh were chit chatting and my mind was straying because I knew that it has been too long since I posted wrote anything.  So I made up my mind to decide a topic then and there and finish writing as soon as I reach home. I kept looking at the moon but I could nothing,  I looked at every people around me but still my mind could not find any thing special. Finally, I decided to give a last try so I started acting like a typical writer by starting a conversation with the sea but it was not answering any of my questions. Few minutes passed by, “What is wrong with you?” asked Rohit. “Nothing dude chill! I am fine” I exclaimed and continued my conversation with the sea. I got frustrated because sea continued to keep its mouth shut.. “It’s time to go home” Maneet said who was very angry because of my silence. He drove his car like a supersonic plane dodging the heavy Mumbai traffic. On two occasions, he verbally abused people who came on his way. I reached home, opened my notepad, and started scribbling things that I did right from that morning and ended up writing this blog. At last my emotionally unstable mind has become stable. 🙂