Nightmarish Night

by Guruguhan Iyer

Just after experiencing a beautiful morning about a couple of days back, I wanted to experience another one. Therefore, I went to bed very early last night i.e. by 11:00 pm. I did not realize that my eyelashes had already hugged each other and what followed was a lovely dream. I found myself flying in the sky along with a beautiful angel; she held my hand and gave me powers to fly all over the universe, which neither any human nor any other creature in earth can ever dream about. She left me near Milky Way galaxy, there the stars were huge and were shining like a million carat diamond, they were not twinkling but that view was much beautiful than what we see from our planet. I was enjoying my journey in the universe, suddenly my flying ability started deteriorating and when I turned my head towards my right, I discovered that the planet earth is pulling me towards her. Her power called ‘gravity’ over powered my flying ability. She dropped me in the middle of Mumbai’s heavy traffic; suddenly a rash BEST bus ran towards me and smashed my hand. I closed my eyes and screamed as much as I could, I could not bear that pain. After few seconds, that horrifying pain miraculously disappeared and I opened my eyes. Ceiling fan was moving at its top speed, my heartbeat was faster than a super sonic plane; my lungs jumped heavily to find oxygen and it took me five minutes to get back to my normal state of mind. I checked my cell phone, the time was 2:25 am. My usual nightmare disturbed my sleep. x-(

I drank a bottle full of water; still could not forget that BEST nightmare. I came back to my bed and tried to find some sleep. Time passed by, but sleep was miles away from me. I cursed all the BEST buses and its drivers. I stood outside my home to discover something special about the night like the one I did that morning. This time birds were not singing and no trees were smiling; there was a pin drop silence. The only similarity was that the cool breeze again kissed my cheeks. I stood there for few minutes. I checked my cell phone,  it was 4:00 am. I came back to my bed and slept within no time and my journey to the universe continued again. This time it was disturbed by a foot that kicked my butt. “Wake up you idiot, it’s 4 in the evening.” came a familiar and angry voice. I opened my eyes and saw my dad standing angrily.